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Epson M-Tracer For Golf


Epson M-Tracer For Golf is a golf improvement support application for Android users.This application communicates with the high-precision M-Tracer sensor, developed by Epson, and provides accurate, high-speed golf swing measurements.This allows you to analyze your golf swing using technology based on the latest sports science.An effective improvement system will help you to improve your golf swing. *You can purchase the M-Tracer sensor at your local golf stores.◆ Main Features
[Golf Swing Measurement]The new, high-precision sensor attached to the club's grip allows for precise golf swing measurements. Data is immediately sent to your Android device via Bluetooth.- Golf swings can be measured continuously and all of the swing data is saved automatically.[Golf Swing Analysis]- Swing analysis: Check your golf swing motion. The V zone view shows you the motion of your swing.- Impact analysis: Analyze in detail the face angle at the point of impact and the incidence angle (horizontal and vertical) for a clear understanding of your swing.- Speed analysis: Get to know the reduction ratio (natural uncock) of your swing and step up your game.- Shaft rotation analysis: Spot variations in your swing shaft rotation that are not picked up by a camera.- Tempo analysis: Get to know your swing tempo and achieve a stable swing.[Comparison]- Check your progress by comparing new data with previous swings.- Check your targets by comparing your measurements to pre-registered swing data from professionals and average golfers.- Select registered swing data by tapping the player's name on the Library or Select Comparison screen.[Account Management]- Create your own Epson M-Tracer For Golf account.- Create a new account when using M-Tracer for the first time.- Save your swing data to the cloud. - Receive access to a variety of improvement support services that are being developed for future release.
◆ Supported sensors
MT500G, MT500GII and MT500GP
◆ Notes on swing data
- You can save swing data for up to 300 swings on your Android device, and up to 2,000 swings in the cloud.- Note that the size of the data may increase when uploading swing data to the cloud. * We recommend uploading using a wireless connection.- If you exceed 300 swing data entries on your device, the oldest data is deleted to make room for the newest data. We recommend organizing your swing data.- If you exceed 2000 swing data entries in the cloud, the oldest data entry is deleted to make room for the newest data.
◆ Others
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